Pour yourself the perfect drink, crop the cap of a Fable cigar, get comfortable and enjoy the story.

Fable Cigars is an exciting new brand of smokes born from our love of art and story.

We smoke in the privacy of our homes with the story of a good book. We smoke at our favorite lounges and share stories with close friends. We smoke at business outings on the golf course or at bachelor parties in Vegas, as we create the story of our future. We enjoy a nice cigar at summer barbecues, living the stories of our families.

There is art in every story and we have a deep love for the art of crafting a cigar. Grown and cultivated past flaws and imperfections, its craftsmen always strive for improvement, working tirelessly to leave their mark with a great draw and rich flavors that repeat with every stick. It reminds us of our own changes and milestones, reflects our own growth and parallels the art of our own lives.

There is a powerful connection between a good story and a great smoke. A cigar is a bridge, used to tell a personal story as much as it helps make the stories we share personal. With the price and length of a movie, smoking a cigar can give us a better understanding of ourselves and bring us closer to the people around us than two hours in front of a screen.

Our brand will share new stories with each series and encourage the people enjoying our product to share theirs.