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The King is Dead

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The King is Dead is a rather interesting cigar in regards to the tobaccos used to blend it. Caldwell is known for using unique and rare tobaccos in their cigars and this cigar is no different.
Negrito tobacco is not commonly used in premium handmade cigars due to the difficulty in blending it with other tobaccos, as Negrito tobacco has a very distinctive taste, but when blended well, the results can be surprising. These cigars are a creative blend using a Shade Grown Negrito wrapper sourced from the Dominican Republic. A delicious must try cigar.
Wrapper: Negrito Dominicano – 2008
Binder: Corojo Dominicano – 2006
Filler: Corojo Ligero Dominicano 30% – 2006, Negrito Viso Dominicano 20% – 2008, HVA 20/20 50% – 2010