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LCA Cigar Clowns "The Ron" by AJ Fernandez

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This months LCA release includesthese 8 cigars:

5 Cigar Clowns “The Ron” 

1 each Ice Cream Vanilla(Habano)/Chocolate(Maduro) Swirl

1 ChargerAsh


The June LCA release is called Cigar Clowns "The Ron" by AJ Fernadez LCA Exclusive.  Very full-flavored, rich, complex, and full of transitions, this is a cigar for the experienced smoker.  

Ice Cream Vanilla/Chocolate Swirl 
C.R.E.A.M. Cigars is a very interesting, highly boutique company that our customers have been going crazy for ever since we recently discovered them.  Their Ice Cream cigar series is produced in extremely small quantities, so availability is quite limited.
ChargerAsh by Aladino 
This lancero was made using only tobacco grown at the Eiroa family farm in Honduras. Now through December, anyone smoking a #ChargerAsh cigar can post a picture to instagram using #chargerash in their post showing off their long ash.  At the end of the year, the 10 longest ash submissions will compete in a live Zoom call with the winner receiving the car.