Montecristo Pilotico Pepe Mendez

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When Mendez had fled Cuba, he took some seeds with him where they were set aside. Recently the Mendez family grew some tobacco in the Navarrese region of the Dominican Republic from those seeds. When Mendez settled in the Dominican Republic, he incorporated classic Cuban methods to process the tobacco.  A press release summarized this process which included:

1. Special selection and grading of tobacco: Pepe Mendez established more than 20 different grades based on specific criteria of tobacco leaf uniformity and quality.
2. Fermentation: Pepe extended the fermentation process that enhanced the richness and complexity of Dominican tobaccos.
3. Curing and Aging: Mendez established strict controls over the environmental factors during the curing and aging processes, which yielded tobaccos of better consistency and cleanliness of flavors.

According to Altadis USA, the Pilotico tobacco is a collaboration between Altadis’ Grupo de Maestros team and Jose Mendez & Company, the family owned operation by the Pepe Mendez’s family. Last year, the Dominican Pilotico tobacco was first used as a component in the filler of the Montecristo 80th Anniversary.

With the new Montecristo Pilotico Pepe Mendez, this features a completely different blend from the Montecristo 80th. The cigar utilizes an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, a Dominican binder and a filler consisting of both the Dominican Pilotico tobacco as well as Nicaraguan filler. The cigar is available in three sizes. The cigars are available in 20 count boxes.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican Pilotico, Nicaraguan