Tatuaje Reserva

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The Tatuaje Reserva lines are some of the highest rated cigars made by Tatuaje. With multiple unique blends utilizing the finest tobaccos these cigars will impress even the most seasoned smoker.

If you are looking for complex rich cigars by Tatuaje look no further.

The SW is a medium body Connecticut with a profile of cedar, vanilla, and cream with a touch of spice to change up the usual profile of a Connecticut and is one of the favorites here at the shop.

The J21 is a flavor bomb at a full body and is the ideal blend for a full body smoker especially if you enjoy bold flavor, spice, and complexity. Undertones of cinnamon, cocoa, molasses, and coffee show themselves throughout this cigar.

The Regios Reserva comes through similarly to the J21 but at a medium-full body and with stronger notes of leather and less spice throughout the blend.

Finally but most certainly not least is the K222 a blend Pete Johnson created in memory of his dog Kona and was one of his most labored blends he has created to date and is a must try for any Tatuaje smoker, a very limited run of these was made so they wont last long.