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a reference to Columbus Drive, a major east-west road in the Florida city known for its Cuban and Latino restaurants. Boliche is a Cuban pot roast—a hearty dish of eye round beef stuffed with ham and often served with a side of rice. It isn’t fancy, but it’s common to Cuba’s culinary tradition. 

Rick Rodriguez, owner of West Tampa Tobacco, sees boliche as emblematic of Tampa’s Cuban culture, which is why he chose to name a cigar after the dish. He isn’t disclosing any of the blend details other than confirming that the tobacco was purchased from the Tampa-based Oliva Tobacco Co., prolific growers of premium leaf.

At 6 inches by 60 ring gauge, the cigars come in 50-count boxes and are produced in Nicaragua at Nicaraguan American Cigars S.A., better known as the NACSA factory, which is partly owned by Oliva Tobacco. Only 500 boxes are being produced.